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Visualizing code helps you find bugs faster and understand how your application will run at scale.
Easily visualize your application code see bugs, bottlenecks, redudancies and how your applications performs at scale.
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Heat Mapping

The Heat Map filter tracks down loops and colorizes a logical spire based on the number of times it passes through a higher level loop. Since one piece of code can call another piece of code in a different file, you probably aren’t aware of exactly how many loops surround some parts of your code. This often leads to performance problems. CodeWalker visually and instantly shows you what parts of your code need to be the most efficient.

& Debug

Hunting down random, seemingly untraceable bugs is tedious and time consuming. It is also vital to shipping a stable product.

CodeWalker™’s Retrace™ lets you collect data on even a production product and play back the executed logic. The ability to scrub forward and back in time while visually observing how a product works will make short work of even the most elusive bugs

Deprecation Filtering

Every time a language or platform is updated, code deprecation occurs. While all development environments help you see what was deprecated, only CodeWalker shows you where. This lets you make better, more informed decisions, like whether it’s better to update a section of deprecated code or just replace it entirely.

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