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Glowing Keyboard

What CodeWalker™ does differently... simply

  • Language Agnostic parser and compiler 

  • 2D mapping view

  • 3D mapping view

  • Concept of code 'spires' that represent how the code actually fits together

  • 2D and 3D search engine and programming variable highlighting system 

  • Heat map concept and implementation  

  • Retrace concept, interface, and implementation  

  • Realtime Code Structure Analyzer and Resembler ('Zipper') 

  • Recursive Function detection system  

  • Code Weighting algorithms and implementation  

  • Meta-language intermediate language format.  

  • Visual file comparison concept, interface, and implementation

  • 3D file system concept, implementation, and interface

  • Heuristic, adaptable code analysis system for quickly adding new features

  • Code analysis system based on machine learning

  • Cross platform graphing system and user interface that supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android

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