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What CodeWalker™ does differently... simply

  • Language Agnostic parser and compiler 

  • 2D mapping view

  • 3D mapping view

  • Concept of code 'spires' that represent how the code actually fits together

  • 2D and 3D search engine and programming variable highlighting system 

  • Heat map concept and implementation  

  • Retrace concept, interface, and implementation  

  • Realtime Code Structure Analyzer and Resembler ('Zipper') 

  • Recursive Function detection system  

  • Code Weighting algorithms and implementation  

  • Meta-language intermediate language format.  

  • Visual file comparison concept, interface, and implementation

  • 3D file system concept, implementation, and interface

  • Heuristic, adaptable code analysis system for quickly adding new features

  • Code analysis system based on machine learning

  • Cross platform graphing system and user interface that supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android

About the Team

CodeWalker was created and maintained by Chilton Webb


Sam Webb, CEO

Chilton Webb Software Product design

Patents and Trademarks: Tod Tumey, Tumey LLP

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