Telecom faces integrating networks all the time that are in different languages on different platforms by a lot of different people.  WILDLY different sometimes.  Being able to see how the networks behave as ONE would help fix this problem. 

TECHNICAL DEBT - we solve that.


Explaining concepts is difficult for visual learners.  Most humans are visual learners.  A majority of programming mistakes exist because the programmer doesn't REALLY understand what they told the computer to do.


In litigation cases often you need to prove that the product or code is identical to or not the same as some other product or code.  You can't change algorithm so naming isn't a hurdle anymore.


Most bugs in Financial Services are math or logic errors, not crashes but that cause people to lose money.  Retrace feature can diagnosis problems like this.  CodeWalker™ can help you detect subtle bugs and logical anomalies.


These types of bugs are usually subtle.  Insurance Industry is plagued with disperate and proprietary code bases and subtle non crashing bugs.  CodeWalker™ allows you to easily see how they work together.


A bulk of healthcare problems exist under load.  Retrace will help find load issues.  Most apps are custom and need to work with software.  CodeWalker™ shows you how all that works together.


Old systems typically don't have comments or documentation.  CodeWalker™ shows you how the old systems works when the former programmers are gone.  It can help with there is no documentation and show you how the product works.


Many retail systems are in languages that aren't used anymore.  You can use retrace to monitor an app, compare the app from a rewrite.  It will verify that the stuff works like the old stuff.  Keeping systems from going down.

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